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Cast in Drilled Holes (CIDH)

 CIDH piles are used to support structures built on ground subject to movement. The piles are drilled through the unstable ground layer to more supportive substratum. Drilled piles are constructed by: first drilling a shaft, then placing a steel reinforcing cage, or I-beam, in the shaft and finally filling it with concrete. If desired, we have the capability of belling the shaft by drilling a larger hole at the bottom of the shaft. This technique may be utilized when the stability of substratum at the bottom of the shaft is less than 100 percent. 

 Ranging diameters from 12" to 120" and up to 120' deep  



  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Straight shaft
  • Rock drilling
  • Rock coring
  • Belled piers
  • Casing installation
  • Under-Water Pouring
  • Limited access
  • Low clearance
  • Equipment hauling